This Too Shall Pass

by Strongman

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    We are Strongman and this is our debut EP, "This Too Shall Pass." We hope you'll have a listen and show some support if you like the tunes! (ALSO: There is also a pretty nifty bonus track for you if you download!)

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released July 30, 2012

Austin Ramsey - Guitar, Vocals
Tristan Zemtseff - Vocals, Drums
Chris Prunotto - Bass
Charlie Landsman - Guitar

Andy Eisen - Guest vocals on "Turnaround"



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Strongman Chicago, Illinois

Strongman is a four-piece metal outfit with hardcore and progressive influences.Formed in early 2011, the band has just released their second EP "In So Many Words".

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Track Name: What You Didn't Say
I'm sorry for your loss
But it's your own damn fault

I can't believe you've made it this far
And you have the nerve to flap your lips at me
About things never established

I hope, for your sake, that this will be forgotten

Now is not the time for this
You've made an ass of yourself for too long
And I won't stand for it

If you said you wanted to keep them, do you think I'd act that way?

And if you think I will pay
For what you didn't say
Then you've lost more than I thought
Track Name: Turnaround (ft. Andy Eisen of Pray Macabre)
How strange it is that it takes less than one week
To put ourselves back at the bottom and build again

However scary I may seem, I promise that
I don't need you to watch me; I don't need you to place me

I understand that it's difficult, maybe more for you than I at this point
How are you supposed to know?

I'm not sure that I know but one thing right now

Extreme as it may have been
The explosion, the outburst, the boiling point, the overflow
Those eyes are not the solution

They call the shots pretty well sometimes
Track Name: Don't You Tell Me That
Don’t you tell me

I don’t have time for this
I must read, I must write
Obligation into reciprocity
They say it’ll pay itself back

Scribe, scholar
This altruistic, malignant beast

There is no ulterior motive
Or so I’d like to believe
That when it’s all said and done
After scrambling you all, we won’t bleed

Don’t you tell me
When I return
That I don’t belong

You want to move forward
And I know it seems like I could not care less

Scribe, scholar
I have no time for this
I will find time for this
Track Name: Restore
All the words unsaid
The thoughts I left upstairs
Every day another stitch
A meal unprepared

Blink and you will miss it
Sigh and you will never be missed

Lost in the pages of time
On a road we once knew so well
Doubt becomes our guide

Empty yourself to restore
All you thought was lost

These machines walk on two feet
It's all too there
That what sets us apart from them
Is what we left upstairs

And this day there may be change
But you know too well
Exactly what is stopping you
Track Name: The Way Down
She'll never know the way down
From the tree in which she sits
She's climbed into delusion
And no one knows the way out

It's all locked within her vision
Forced to remain lest she learns to see

The bumps are all over her skin
Running down her arms, her legs

Like the night she can no longer remember
She can no longer remember

Head in her hands
Bleeding out on the sidewalk
"I just need a bandage," she mumbles

I just passed her by
She means little more to me than what I saw
Blood on her hands and face
Collapsed on the pavement

She's not a part of my climb
She's not part of my climb
Track Name: Those Grey Eyes
You can have my time and one of my ears
But I'll be damned if I let this get personal

I'll spend an eternity in your eyes
Only halfway there

If only it wasn't so routine
Could there have been something different, something unique?
How I'd like to think that there could really be something
How we play ourselves in this life

It's all a ploy
It's no ploy