In So Many Words EP

by Strongman

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Its been two years and a lot has happened. What you hear is a representation of a time and place we will never experience again. We hope you enjoy.


released August 12, 2014

Writen by: Austin Ramsey, Tristan Zemtseff, Carlos Zamudio, Charlie Landsman, Chris(Bob) Prunotto.

Rhythm Guitars: Austin Ramsey
Lead Guitars: Charlie Landsman, Austin Ramsey
Bass Guitar: Carlos Zamudio
Drums:Tristan Zemtseff
Vocals:Tristan Zemtseff, Austin Ramsey

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Austin Ramsey
Additional production by Tristan Zemtseff
Drums recorded at Blue Submarine Studios with Mac McNeilly.

Special thanks to Elsa McNeilly for putting up with a year of guitar practice, tracking, mixing and mastering all the while keeping us sane and supporting.
Allie and Michael and Trevor Zemtseff, Andy Eisen, Chris Prunotto, Mac McNeilly, and Lace Pickups(for all the tone).

We love you all.



all rights reserved


Strongman Chicago, Illinois

Strongman is a four-piece metal outfit with hardcore and progressive influences.Formed in early 2011, the band has just released their second EP "In So Many Words".

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Track Name: Cut From The Sick
sick and placed into our hands
left with a stink that comes and never goes
yet not deserving of our reprimands
the squarest of pegs in the roundest of holes

how long will you make us wait?
how many more demands will you spit at my face?
it's time you learn to stop acting like you own the place

incomprehensible, unreasonable
how far is enough to prompt change?
the ice has to be thin for us to break through
and justify sinking to the floor of this ocean
the resultant state won't keep anyone satisfied

how am i to choose
if making you happy keeps me miserable?
and i'll admit to hyperbole
if that's what it takes for you to cut from the sick
Track Name: By Which I Mean
i see machines
walking on two feet
by which i mean
i see sheep

you're living orders given by your god
just living carcasses that can't move on

i say this not in insult
merely in observation
who am i to save you?
or tell you what you need

i am far from esteemed
far from worthy
but you should reevaluate, you've lost focus
take a step back and think, it won't hurt

but when this sludge dripss from your pores
when the mouth flaps open

i hold contempt
not for your ways
but for your ignorance

i see machines
walking on two feet
by which i mean
i see sheep

read into the lines
let not one detail pass you by
you'll find your way
and you don't have to tell me why
Track Name: The Wait
my blood boils at the thought

because i can't stand to accept this
this hatred sears my tongue
i gave you my word and i won't turn but
this hatred still sears my tongue

(we both know what i would choose if that's what it came to
but then we both lose and this whole endeavor is meaningless)

i figure i'll be waiting through month-long minutes
though it should only be a few
but you're not the type to quickly lose sight
poison, not fire, will cause the end when the end comes

my blood boils at the sight
of you with him
but i can't allow myself
to tell you how i truly feel
Track Name: Slack Tongue
how i'd like to say "if he wasn't there"
but who deserves the blame?
would we simply switch parts?

choking on the smog
it's in my eyes
how i'd like to read the air

it's the elephant in the room
and i'm just another fixture

i know you wouldn't lie
but there's still the little things that we all hide
i have mine too, but first i'd like to hear from you

perhaps we're all the same
maybe i'm not the only one
tripping on my words
and falling on my face

and if it's all for naught
i'll have to brush this all off
you'll choose what's for you

take your time
don't get swept up blindly
for even if you're gone, you'll never leave
Track Name: Shovel
so close that cliches fill this picture frame
and we've left it all for the ashes that come from this fireplace
responsibility draws us from this leap of faith

circumstantial rejection tears me apart
how i wish i could abandon my shovel

but i dig, i dig so i might dig again
i shovel so these ashes won't bury me

so far from leaving that i can't get out of bed
these vultures want to tear at the remains
the leap of faith waiting just inches away
but as a vulture myself, the most i can do is complain

pulling out my hair as i wake up to the reality
i can't throw it away

so i dig, i dig so i might dig again
i shovel so these ashes won't bury me